Investment Philosophy

Versor Investments creates diversified sources of absolute returns across multiple asset classes. Within a scientific, hypothesis-driven framework, Versor leverages modern statistical methods and vast datasets to drive every step of the investment process. Alpha forecast models, portfolio construction, and the trading process rely on the ingenuity and mathematical expertise of 40+ investment professionals.

EXPERIENCEDINVESTMENT TEAM ALIGNMENT OFINTERESTS ROBUST TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIVE RESEARCH Merging decades of quantitative research with an ethos that fosters ingenuity and innovation. EXPERIENCEDINVESTMENT TEAM Upholding client interests with 100% employee ownership and substantial co-investment from partners. ALIGNMENT OFINTERESTS State of the art technology infrastructure for risk management, portfolio optimization and trade execution developed over 200+ human work years. ROBUST TECHNOLOGY Combining a scientific, hypothesis-driven approach with diverse data sources to systematically generate unique sources of absolute returns. INNOVATIVE RESEARCH